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Pumps: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition (Fluids Handling Library)

Author: Ken Myles
Pages: 223
Product Code: B2002.06 - SSW
Published: 01-12-2002

This book contains a wealth of information to give an overview of the types of pumps available and their applications. It covers the following topics in a total of 13

1. SI units and formulae properties of fluids and Hydrostatic pressure
2. Fluid motion and loss of head
3. Vortices, pump operation and specific speed
4. System characteristics and pump operation
5. Suction conditions and Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
6. Pumping various liquids
7. Pump types, centrifugal pumps and drives
8. Positive displacement pumps - types and performance
9. Pump testing
10. Installation and operation of pumping
11. Maintenance practice and fault finding
12. Pump components and lubrication
13. Specific pump types and applications


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