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Corrosion Engineering Guide, Giel Notten

Author: Giel Notten
Company: NTT Consultancy
Pages: 236
Product Code: B2008.02 - SSW
Published: 01-09-2008

Reference book for employees of: chemical and petrochemical industries involved in mechanical integrity of equipment and piping in process plants; manufacturers of materials for [petro]chemical process industries; maintenance project companies; R&I institutions involved in corrosion research and students of technical universities studying metallurgy, corrosion and material science. The guide contains fifty six detailed, technical chapters in five sections including introduction on the theory of corrosion; survey and case histories of the different forms of corrosion including electrochemical, intergranular, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen damage, CO attack, metal dusting, nitriding, carburisation, atmospheric corrosion microbiologically induced corrosion to name but some; practical application of corrosion prevention methods by design, material selection, protective layers, changing corrosive environments and changing electrode potential including chemical industrial cleaning; corrosion examination, inspection and monitoring including quality control and on-line monitoring techniques. In addition to the technical content the guide is packed with tables, diagrams and full colour photos of specific examples.
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