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Corrosion Control: Principles and Practice, 1st Edition (Fluids Handling Library)

Author: Ken Myles
Pages: 220
Product Code: B1995.01 - PE
Published: 01-12-1995

Corrosion is generally defined as dissolution of a material due to a reaction with the surrounding environment. To provide basic understanding of the mechanisms of corrosion, and measures that can be used to control corrosion, this book covers the following subjects (in 10 chapters):

1. Principles and definitions of corrosion
2. Non-metallic coatings and linings
3. Metallic coatings
4. Cleaning preparation
5. Corrosion inhibitors and additives
6. Cathodic protection
7. Corrosion monitoring and detection
8. Material used in corrosive environments
9. Corrosive resistant products
10. Corrosion control in structures


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