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A specifier’s guide to control valves, Edward W. Singleton

Author: Edward W. Singleton
Pages: 292
Product Code: BV201302
Published: 01-02-2013

The prime requirement for ensuring that a control valve will give optimal performance must be a correct specification based on the working conditions of the application. Throughout the processing industries there are many unexceptional services for which a control valve specification can be obtained from books or from a suitable computer programme, with very little effort. There are also many services which do not fall within this uncomplicated category and these are increasing with advances in plant design and requirements. It is in these rather special applications that this book has a role to play, especially for students and engineers who are not experienced in specifying control valves. Although the number of actual cases it describes in detail is limited, the analysis used for these has a relevance to most other difficult applications. This book also offers an explanation of the origin of some of the principal equations used for sizing control valves and for quantifying the influence of valve characteristics on process control.

A number of previously published papers linking control valves with difficult service conditions have been collected together in this book and have been reproduced in their original form, independent of each other, to avoid cross referencing. Four of the papers deal with the derivation of frequently used equations in control valve calculations. The information is still current today since control valve technology does not develop at the same rate as the associated instrumentation. This book will be of assistance to anyone wrestling with problems associated with the specification of control valves for exacting plant services.

The book comprises 18 chapters together with a list of some control valve publications and organizations publishing relevant standards:

1. Adapting single stage sizing equations for multistage control valves
2. An explanation of the function of the multistage correction factor YMH
3. Derivation of IEC/ISA control valve sizing equations
4. Sizing control valves for two-phase and multiphase fluids
5. The role of control valves in improved process control
6. Derivations of equations for control valve installed characteristics and gain
7. Fluid velocities in control valve inlet and outlet sections
8. High pressure reduction of liquid flow with investigations into cavitation, erosion and vibration
9. Understanding IEC 60534-8-3 in control valve aerodynamic noise prediction
10. The IEC 60534-8-3 aerodynamic noise standard revisited (co-author H.D. Baumann)
11. A comparison of the IEC 1995 aerodynamic noise prediction methods
12. An investigation into control valve downstream turbulence and noise
13. Control valves for level control on separator systems
14. Control valves for pump protection services
15. Control valves applied to power station boiler feedwater systems
16. Control valves in turbo-compressor anti-surge systems
17. The application of control valves to liquid pipeline anti-surge systems
18. Control valves applied to “Gas to Flare” services

About the author

Edward W. Singleton served an apprenticeship from 1941 to 1945. He obtained a degree in engineering from London University and then set up the Control Valve Division at J. Blakeborough & Sons Ltd under licence with the Hammel-Dahl Company from whom he received his training in control valve technology. He was appointed Managing Director of the Division in 1951. In 1953 he was released from the company to represent the UK on the OEEC Technical Mission 121C, touring Europe to assess the status of companies manufacturing equipment for the oil & gas industries and reporting the the Board of Trade. In 1957 he founded the Introl Company, specialising in the design and manufacture of unconventional control valves, related particularly to the development of North Sea oil & gas. He was Managing Director of Introl until 1990, then remained with the company as a consultants. He is credited with a number of patents, his technical papers have appeared in US and European journals and has also presented lectures. In 2007 he was an active member of the BSI and IEC control valve standards committees and still has an input as a corresponding member. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the I.Mech.E


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